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FBA Shipments


This feature is where you can see detailed breakdown of your inbound shipments and be alerted if the shipped amount does not equal the received amount.

The key stats shown at the top of the page are the total number of shipments sent to Amazon, the total number of SKUs within those shipments, the total number of shipped units and the total number of received units at the Amazon facility.


There are 3 filters available to quickly toggle the list of shipments to quickly search for particular parameters:

  1. Shipment ID - Use this filter to only display the information for a specific shipment
  2. SKU - Use this filter to see all shipments that contained a specific SKU
  3. Shipment Status - Use this filter to quickly see only shipments that are closed or open


After choosing your filters, the results can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet by using the "Export" button, as seen in the screenshot below:


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