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FBA Shipping Discrepancies


This powerful feature analyzes all of your FBA outbound shipments for differences in the fulfillment costs, and notes the difference between the lowest amount versus the highest amount that Amazon has charged per order. SellerWit provides all of the information necessary for a user to simply copy and paste the information into an email to Amazon Seller Support to open a case for reimbursement.


The Discrepancy Summary provides a few key pieces of information to quickly see if any SKUs were affected including the Date Range of the report, the amount that may be due to be reimbursed by Amazon, the number of affected SKUs and the total number of Orders that were affected by a shipping weight discrepancy.


The main informational table contains the following information:

  1. An Image of the affected item
  2. Your internal SKU code
  3. The ASIN for the item
  4. Product name/description
  5. Lowest FBA Fulfillment Fees - This is the lowest dollar amount that Amazon charged you per order for fulfillment
  6. Highest FBA Fulfillment Fees - This is the highest dollar amount that amazon charged for fulfillment
  7. Percent and Amount differences - These are the percents and dollar amount that you were possibly overcharged by Amazon for fulfillment of your item
  8. The quantity of orders that you may have been overcharged for
  9. The total amount for that particular SKU that you may be eligible for reimbursement


To view and export the list of affected orders, click on the blue "View Order ID List" button, as seen in the screenshot below:



After clicking on the  "View Order ID List" button, a window will pop up with the Order IDs, Date the order was Fulfilled, and the shipping amount discrepancies. You can export this list to Excel by clicking on the "Export" button, as seen in the screenshot below:




Disclaimer: SellerWit does not take any responsibility for refunds requested from Amazon, and you need to perform your own due diligence in determining that the the FBA fee charged should have indeed been the lower amount, based on item dimensions and weight. It is entirely possible that by notifying Amazon that you are entitled to a refund based on the higher fee, they can potentially determine that the lower fee was inaccurate and charge you extra for all the orders that had the lower fee.

















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