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FBA Customer Returns


This feature gives clarity to FBA returns, as it visually displays the types of returns and the rate of returns. This gives deeper insight into different SKUs for the reason of the customer return, as well as how Amazon has handled it.

The top of the page shows a few key stats of your FBA customer returns including the total number of SKUs that had returns in the selected date range, the quantity of returns you were reimbursed for, the total quantity of units that were returned, and the number of returns that Amazon classified as "Sellable".

There are 4 filters to narrow down the data on the page:

  1. SKU- Use this filter to filter all of the information on the graphs and tables to show only the information pertaining to a specific SKU. The list of SKUs in the drop-down is limited to SKUs that only had returns within the selected date range, so you don't have unrelated SKUs showing up.
  2. Detailed Disposition - Use this filter to narrow down to items that fall into Amazon's disposition of the returned item, Carrier Damaged, Customer Damaged etc.
  3. Reason - This is the list of reasons that the customer returned the item to Amazon. 
  4. Status - This is the current status of what Amazon did with the item after it was returned.



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