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FBA Reimbursements


Easily keep track of your FBA reimbursements from Amazon, and see detailed information on all of your reimbursements. There are 16 different reasons why Amazon can reimburse you for FBA inventory, you can see all of them on this page.


The top of the page has a general summary based on the selected Date Range, the default view is for the past 30 days. The stats shown include: 

  1. The total quantity of units for which Amazon reimbursed you.
  2. The total dollar amount you were reimbursed.
  3. The count of reimbursements.
  4. The number of unique issues/SKUs in the report
  5. The number of Unique reimbursements
  6. The number of Unique orders affected by a reimbursement.


You can download the reimbursement report by clicking on the blue "Download Report" button, as seen in the screenshot below:



The Reimbursement items table shows the following information:

  1. The Approval date of the reimbursement
  2. The affected ASIN
  3. Your internal SKU title for the ASIN
  4. The product name
  5. The Amazon Reimbursement ID 
  6. The affected order ID, if applicable
  7. The reason for the reimbursement
  8. The Item condition
  9. Currency for the reimbursement
  10. Total dollar amount of the reimbursement
  11. The total number of units for which you are being reimbursed 
  12. In the event of a retraction, the original reimbursement ID 
  13. In the event of a retraction, the original reimbursement type (reason)















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