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Item Groups


The Item Groups feature is a great tool to create filters and groups throughout the app for many different applications. You can create groups based on your manufacturer to quickly gauge the P&L for that particular supplier, you can create item grouping by Brand etc.


The process to create a new item group is a very simple 4 step process:


1) Navigate to the "Item Groups" tab, found under the General tab on the left hand tool bar.

2) Click on the Green "Add New Item Group" button, as seen in the image below:



3) After clicking on the button, you will be taken to the second page which is where you enter the Group name and description for the group:



Simply fill out each field with information to help you identify the group and the description, and click Save.


4) After clicking "Save", the page to add items to your group will appear. To add SKUs to your newly created group, click on the "+Add Items Manually" button. Once clicked, a window with the list of all of your SKUs will pop up and to add items to the group, simply click the checkbox to the left of the item SKU and click Save, as seen in the screenshot below:




To avoid endless scrolling to find specific products, you can use the "Search" function to find products quickly. Another way to quickly add items to groups is to use the Excel file upload option. When you click on the "Get Template" button, an excel sheet with a list of all of your items will be exported. Simply delete the items you do NOT want to be in the group, save as CSV and Upload.

Once all items are selected, hit the save button and the group will appear on the main Item Groups page. To add further items to an already created group, use the blue "Edit" button and follow the same steps as above.


Please Note: In order to save a Item group, at least one item has to be selected and saved to the group.





















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