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FBA Forecast


The FBA Forecast feature is where you can see a detailed breakdown of the status and an estimated stock out date for your FBA inventory, calculated by taking into account your previous sales history.

On the top of the page, you can see the Inventory Summary which includes the quantities of your stock that is Fulfillable, Unsellable, the total number of units in Amazon's Fulfillment centers, quantity that is reserved, the number of units that are being received at a Amazon facility and the number of units currently inbound to Amazon, see screenshot below:



In the middle of the page are the filters to select categories of SKUs. The options are All SKUs, SKUs that have No Stock (or close to it), items that have a stock out date of less than 15 days, items that have a stock out date between 16 and 30 days, items that have a stock out date between 31 and 45 days, and items that will stock in more than 45 days.

You also have the option to create a custom stock out range, as seen in the image below:



After a filter is selected, the SKUs that fall into that filter are displayed in a sort-able table with the following fields:

  1. An Image of the inventory item
  2. The ASIN related to the SKU
  3. The SKU title
  4. The item Name
  5. The quantity of FBA Sellable Inventory for the item
  6. Quantity of Unsellable Inventory in Amazon's fulfillment centers
  7. The Cost of the fulfillable inventory
  8. The gross potential sales of the fulfillable inventory, calculated by by the average selling price
  9. Number of items sold over the previous 2 weeks
  10. Number of items sold over the previous 4 weeks
  11. The projected stock out date
  12. An Alert icon to quickly visualize the projected stock out date  
  13. A Notes area where you can place an internal note about the inventory item



To Export all of this information to an Excel spreadsheet, use the "Request Report" button and the download will be ready in the Reports Module after a few moments.




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