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Item Profits


The Item Profits table is a great tool to quickly see your actual profit amounts after your cost and Amazon selling fees. This tool will only display items for which you have entered the item costs.


First, set the date range either changing the default date range in the general settings of SellerWit, or change the date range on the top right of the Item Profits page. (As seen Here


The table will be filled out with an image of the item, the ASIN, which links to the Amazon listing, the SKU, Item name and description, your average cost which you can set here, the total quantity sold in the specified date range, your profit per unit and the total profit.



You can search for a specific SKU, ASIN or description using the Search box right above the table. This filter will only display the items shown on the page, to search all of your items, use the Export button, which will download an Excel CSV file with all of your inventory items, as seen below:



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