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Security FAQ's

  1. How Secure is my Data?
  2. Is my Data backed up?
  3. Who has access to my seller account information?







How Secure is my Data?

SellerWit is both hosted and displayed in a SSL environment, furthermore your information is on a secure server. Cybersecurity is at the forefront of the technology community's effort, nevertheless no website online is immune to hacking, however we closely monitor all web traffic and server requests for anomalies and maintain secure development practices to combat possible security threats.







Who has access to my seller account information?

 Only you have the full access to your account, as developers cannot access your actual marketplace account, rather technology software such as SellerWit has limited access to various reports and data via the marketplaces API. This information is only viewed when you log in, and periodically our senior developers will recreate a page from a random user to ensure that the featues functions properly.







Is my Data backed up?

Yes, of course. Each day every user's information is securely backed up, and can be redployed in case of an extenuating circumstance in which any data is lost.

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