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The Alerts page is a great way to keep track of the health and sales trends of your items and account. The alerts are split up into three sections:

Sales Alerts

Refund Alerts

Price Alerts


The settings can be changed for the alerts in the settings page, see screenshot below:







Sales Alerts

There are 4 types of alerts in the sales section, these include a sales increase of your chosen percentage, a sales decrease, newly listed items and your chosen amount of top selling items.








Refund Alerts

In the refunds section, there are 3 types of alerts, an increase in quantity refunded, a decrease in refunded quantity, and the items with the most refunds.









Price Alerts

In the price alerts section, there are 2 types of alerts, items that an increase in the selling price more than the set parameter, and those that have a decrease in selling price.




For all alerts, clicking on the Blue alert button will cull the list below the alerts to display only the items that fall into the parameter and all relevant information will be displayed.




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